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Color: BLUE
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Size: 3.5 x 13.5cm

Packing: single OPP bag 

Function: no water leakage, adjustable water volume

Instructions: can control the flow rate, the plant watering device with a control valve can control the drip speed 0-60s / 1 drip, sustained release drip lasts 1-15 days

Simple and convenient, without any cumbersome installation, just poke a small hole or multiple small holes in the bottom of the bottle to exhaust.

Accurate water volume, to provide different amounts of water for different plants and flowers, do not become a plant killer, other watering plants are either too little or too much water. In some plants, old leaves just turn yellow and fall. But if the new growth is yellow, it may be a sign of over-watering or underwater.

Suitable for brand bottles: Dr.pepper, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Lipton, Deet Cola, Aqufina or other bottles with an inner diameter of 1.1 inches.